Monday, March 16, 2015

Beef ban in India raises political temperature...

A ban on beef slaughter in India’s southern state of Maharashtra has stirred up a hornet’s nest across the country and has the potential to play havoc with the agricultural export industry.

The new law amends the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act. It is the country’s most stringent dealing with beef, banning slaughter, sale and consumption and prescribing a jail term of up to five years plus a fine equivalent to US$160 for those found selling beef or possessing it.

Astonishingly for a country with a population that is 80 percent Hindu and reveres cattle, India is the world’s largest bovine meat exporter, sending out 1.3 million tonnes of beef worth US$4.5 billion to Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, the United Arab Republic, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Beef is now India’s single biggest agricultural export, overtaking basmati rice exports.

India’s meat exports commenced in 1969. In more than four decades, the country has built a reputation as a reliable exporter of risk-free, lean, nutritious and competitively priced meat.

According to the 19th Livestock Census released by the ministry of agriculture, the sector contributes nearly 25.6 percent of the value of output in the country’s agriculture, fishing and forestry sector. A blanket ban on cattle slaughter would significantly mar the economics of the livestock and dairy sectors, traders say. Full story...

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