Wednesday, February 18, 2015

India: Angry bride marries guest after original groom falls ill during wedding ceremony!!!

An angry bride in India married a guest at her wedding after the original groom fell ill during the nuptials.

Jugal Kishore, the 25-year-old groom from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh and 23-year-old Indira were about to perform the ritual exchange of garlands at their wedding ceremony when the groom suffered an epileptic fit, the Times of India reported.

Kishore fell to the ground and was soon rushed to a nearby hospital.

The unexpected event enraged the bride who felt cheated that the groom and his family had concealed Kishore's health issues from her, and prompted her to dump him on the spot.

She declared she would marry any person among the guests, who was willing to accept her as his wife.

A man from the gathering quickly obliged and the couple exchanged garlands and completed the rituals necessary to officially become husband and wife.

However, the high voltage wedding drama did not end there. Full story...

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