Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Rapper shuts down four cops in one the most eloquent rights flexing moments ever...

A video exclusively submitted to the Free Thought Project shows a very well spoken and informed individual flexing his 4th amendment rights against four police officers.

The video, taken by local rap artist Mike Goins, in Memphis, illustrates the importance of remaining calm, staying informed, and being professional when asserting your rights.

Goins tells the Free Thought Project that this video was taken Wednesday morning at approximately 9:34 am. The Shelby County Sheriff’s department was conducting a patrol through Goins’ neighborhood.

Goins’ brother and his friend were standing on the front porch as the first sheriff drove by. “The first sheriff saw them, he stopped and walked onto private property and demanded identification,” said Goins.

“Once I heard him outside harassing my brother, I walked outside and asked what the issue was and he started demanding my identification showing that I lived there,” Goins explained to the Free Thought Project. More + video...

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