Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Pakistan Airlines delay leads to a near mutiny...

Flight delays are nothing unusual at Pakistan’s ailing state carrier, Pakistan International Airlines, long hobbled by political interference, a bloated staff and epic financial losses.

But the delayed departure of one flight on Monday caused several enraged passengers to mount a virtual mutiny and eject one politician and block another from the plane before it could take off.

The incident occurred at the Karachi airport when Rehman Malik, a former interior minister best known for his colorful ties and erratic pronouncements, turned up two hours late for a flight to Islamabad.

The state airline often delays flights to accommodate tardy politicians and senior bureaucrats, which is seen as one reason for its patchy operational performance.

Jeering passengers stood at the entrance to the airplane, blocking Mr. Malik’s way, witnesses said. He turned back and did not board the flight, and videos of the protesting passengers were widely circulated on social media Monday evening. Full story...

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