Monday, August 25, 2014

Step inside Singapore's floating food market...

Cutting edge architecture could soon rejuvenate the beautiful Singapore waterfront, with the introduction of mobile, floating restaurants.

The sustainable 'pods' will embrace both the street food heritage and the surrounding waterscape to transform the city.

The well-contained pods have facilities for vendors to prepare and serve food, reinvigorating Singapore's 'hawker' markets with a hawker centre.

Food stores on the floating restaurants would be able to 'pop-up' in a number of locations and for different purposes.

Named the 'Solar Orchid Project', the portable food market is not only intriguing to the eye!

SPARK architects have delivered stunning images and promise their visionary project will be self-contained and sustainable.

The solar-generating, protective canopies are made with an 'energy-generating inflated ETFE pillow', made from thin-film photovoltaic cells.

The sustainable restaurants will use solar energy to power its built-in exhaust, water, gas, electrical, waste collection and water recycling services.

They are also self-contained to prevent mess or pollution - 'leaving no trace of their presence' when they have floated off to their next destination. See photos...

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