Thursday, June 12, 2014

Worm eats Zimbabwe boy's (14) privates after having sex with married woman!!!

In a bizarre incident that has left a family in Bulawayo's Matshobana suburb tongue-tied, a strange worm entered a 14-year-old boy (name supplied) two days after he had sex with a married woman.

News reporters caught up with the aunt of the unfortunate boy in Matshobana and revealed that the family was troubled by the boy's health. She said they had tried several prophets and sangomas for help[ but to no avail.

"The boy told us that he fell in love with a married woman. After two days, a strange worm emerged from nowhere and entered him through his thigh while he was sleeping. It can be seen as it moves in his thigh until it reaches his private parts. When it get there it appears to be eating his flesh and he starts crying out for help for about an hour," she said.

The aunt said the worm troubled the boy about five times a day and they fear that the boy might die. The juvenile revealed that the woman in question is nearly 35 years old. her husband is a haulage truck driver who is based in Namibia.

 "I met the woman at Entumbane Complex. After we had sex the woman left for Mpopoma and I believe she went to her husband in Namibia. Since then, I have not seen her. Soon after I was intimate with her, I felt some itching on my private parts and two days later a mysterious worm would emerge from nowhere and enter my body through my thigh," said the 14-year-old lad. Full story...

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