Saturday, May 10, 2014

The polio "emergency..."

Did you hear? The World Health Organization declared that the spread of polio is an international health emergency. You can’t possibly have missed this. I don’t have a t.v. and somehow I found out about this crisis. Polio is all over the news which I find completely ironic considering it was mumps last week, measles the week before, chicken pox, and whooping cough before that. There’s a theme here…clearly. Next week it will be Hep B, tetanus, or maybe anthrax? I’ve read the articles and I’ve seen the pictures…like this one from the BBC’s website (which may have led to a silent scream inside my head).


I know, this might be asking the obvious here, but for the sake of not jumping to any conclusions, is that 417 cases of vaccine-associated paralytic polio (VAPP) or wild polio? You see, the boy in the picture above is getting the oral polio vaccine which we finally stopped using in the United States in 2000 because, for 27 years there were more cases of vaccine-associated paralytic polio in our country than wild-strain polio due to this monstrosity of a vaccine. Apparently it’s not good enough for our children anymore, but totally okay for the babies in third-world countries.

Each year during National Immunization Days we vaccinate millions of third-world, little children, with OPV and turn a blind eye to the vaccine-associated paralysis it can leave behind, unless of course we need it to boost our polio numbers to put pressure on others to vaccinate – then we’ll pretend its wild polio and we might call it an “emergency.” Full story...

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