Thursday, January 16, 2014

Prostitutes in Spain register to pay taxes...

Prostitutes in the Spanish tourist island Ibiza have formed a sex workers' cooperative to pay taxes and gain social security benefits -- the first such group legally registered in Spain, they say.

Eleven women registered with local authorities as working members of the Sealeer Cooperative providing sexual services, said their spokeswoman, Maria Jose Lopez.

"We are pioneers," she told AFP. "We are the first cooperative in Spain that can give legal cover to the girls."

The 11 active sex workers who registered in November are women in their 20s and 30s from Spain, Italy and "the East", she said, declining to elaborate.

The group is applying to register 40 more women as members.

A 42-year-old local housewife, Lopez is not a sex worker herself but registered as a member of Sealeer to act as a voluntary representative for the women, who refuse to speak to reporters.

Like any workers' cooperative, Sealeer members declare their income and pay taxes, which entitles them to public healthcare, a pension and other benefits. Full story...

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