Friday, November 29, 2013

The little known benefits of masturbation...

People talk about anything and everything but, for many of us, having a conversation about masturbation is still taboo; we won't discuss the subject at work or at dinner parties. My two favourite quotes from Woody Allen are: “Don't knock masturbation, it's sex with someone you love” and “I am such a good lover because I practise a lot on my own.”

Masturbation is a topic that could do with some airing. It is easy to explain why, over the ages, religious groups have condemned masturbation, claiming it inhibits self-control and promotes sexual promiscuity. Given these negative messages some of us receive while growing up, it is not surprising that there are still feelings of shame and embarrassment about this very natural and healthy activity.

Several studies have shown that close to 100 per cent of men masturbate, which is quite understandable, and for women it's about 82 per cent, depending on age. The television series Sex and the City certainly made it easier for women to discuss self-pleasure while at the same time making the rabbit vibrator famous.

Masturbation is important for helping you to discover your body and to find out what you like. Contrary to popular belief, you are responsible for your own orgasm. So if you know your body and know what excites you, you will be able to communicate that to your partner. Full story...

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