Saturday, October 05, 2013

South Africa police dog bites off thief's penis!!!

An alleged thief in South Africa had half his penis bitten off by police dogs after they were let loose on three men accused of stealing maize.

South Africa's Independent Online reports that all three of the suspected thieves sustained injuries from the dogs. However a friend of the men claims they were not taken to hospital for three days afterwards.

It is also reported that the men were held in cells at Kimberley Police Station, in the Northern Cape, for more than 48 hours without charge following their arrest.

A family member said: "This is police brutality. How can they let the dogs bite off his penis and also hold all of them in the police cells for more than 48 hours without charging them? Clearly the police are becoming a law unto themselves and this is unacceptable.

"They all have bite marks from the police dogs. We want answers here. The police must explain what happened to our family members." Full story...

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