Thursday, September 12, 2013

The blogosphere readers...

I visit a lot of websites in a days time and for many of the same reasons as a lot of you; I'm trying to stay well informed and abreast of things without falling into the paralysis of analysis, or getting swept off my feet by the sheer pace of things these days. It comes down to my need to stay well informed conflicting with my need to remain sane.

I manage to surf by most of the better news clearinghouse websites because it's kind of like a giant cyber mall of the Blogosphere, and every day there are simply hundreds of new articles on the menu. Although our education system may be doing an abysmally poor job of teaching reading, and writing to our children; these skills are alive and well in the blogosphere ~ and spreading like wildfire. In fact the blogosphere is growing so exponentially fast that even the most recent statistics are almost immediately out of date, so keep that in mind as we look at some numbers I found.

Here are some stats for the popular Wordpress host.

63 Million blogs
329 million people viewing blogs
25 Billion pages viewed a month
500,000 new posts a day,
and 400,000 daily comments.

and lets have a glance at some of the other leading blog platforms as well:

Tumblr -101.7 Million blogs
LiveJournal - 62 Million blogs
Weebly 12 Million blogs

That, is an awful lot of keystrokes everyday; and although it isn't intended to be the entire picture, the point is hard to miss - a whole lot of people have something to say, and they have an audience out here in cyberspace. No doubt this great awakening now underway is sending literally thousands of people to the internet searching for answers, searching for truth. Trying to keep their sanity intact. Full story...

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