Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Russian oral sex schools to spice up Spain...

A handful of oral sex schools may soon be opening their doors across Spain after the successful teachings of a pioneering "training camp" in Moscow have taken Russia by storm.

Over a thousand Russian women a month are already receiving their certificate of sexual excellence from the Seks.rf sex academies in Moscow and the newly-opened Saint Petersburg branch.

Company boss Ekaterina Liubimova has now set her sights on Spain, where she plans to set up two new oral sex academies in Ibiza and Tenerife.

"Some of our pupils were married to Spaniards and Italians," Liubimova told Spanish daily El Mundo.

"The women, and the men of course, were very happy with what they learned."

 The upcoming Spanish sex schools will specialize in the art of fellatio but also offer hands-on courses in subjects including "pleasurable anal sex", "the male orgasm" and "the 100 best sex techniques". Full story...

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