Friday, September 06, 2013

Man in Brazil to marry his ... goat!!!

A Brazilian man is to wed his pet goat – but has promised not to consummate the marriage.

Former stonecutter Aparecido Castaldo, 74, has decided to end his days as a single man to marry his beloved Carmelita.

The happy couple will walk, or trot, down the aisle on October 13 in Igreja do Diabo, or Devil’s Church, in the city of Jundiai, Brazil.

Aparecido has been in love with the pet for two years and says a goat has advantages over a human companion.

‘She doesn’t speak and doesn’t want money,’ says the father of eight children – four women and four men from four different marriages.

The ceremony is scheduled for midnight and will be followed by a big party on All Souls’ Day the following day.

Carmelita ate her first wedding dress but has been found another, said Aparecido. Full story...

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