Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mafioso's holiday ruined by Facebook blunder!!!

Mafia bosses are notorious for being able to evade capture with their extensive underground networks. But one didn't bank on his excited girlfriend posting a Facebook post telling the police where they could find the wanted criminal.

Michele di Nardo, 34, was arrested in the coastal town of Palinuro in the Campania region at the weekend after his girlfriend jubilantly announced their holiday on Facebook.

“Finally on holiday, woe betide anyone who spoils it,” she wrote on the social network.

Di Nardo escaped a mafia blitz last June, which led to the arrest of 47 people. He is thought to be a boss of the Mallardo clan, which is linked to the Camarra network, Il Messaggero reported. Di Nardo kept a low profile after his counterparts were rounded up.

 But like many Italians, the alleged mafioso wanted to spend August at the seaside. Full story...

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