Monday, August 19, 2013

‘Frack off’: Protests grow against shale gas drilling in UK...

A tiny village in the English countryside saw extraordinary scenes Monday as police waded in to forcibly disperse a peaceful anti-fracking protest. Hundreds of locals and eco-activists are protesting the UK government’s support for shale gas drilling.

Around 200 anti-fracking protesters have been cleared by police outside an oil exploration site at the village of Balcombe in southern England. Some scuffles broke out after Sussex police served a notice under section 14 of the Public Order Act because they believed the protesters may cause disorder and damage to property.

The police arrested at least a dozen protesters on Monday, including Green Party lawmaker Caroline Lucas.

Shouts of "shame on you" and" no violence" erupted as police tried to move demonstrators back from the main gate. Some chanted “We are peaceful, what are you?”

 Also on Monday protesters broke into the offices of Caudrilla, the energy company carrying out the drilling, in Staffordshire in the Midlands and several demonstrators managed to get into the public relations firm Bell Potinger in London, which represents the group. Full story...

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