Sunday, July 07, 2013

Police in Iran arrest 50 people for "having fun"

Today was a dire day for the Iranian youth who simply pushed the boundaries, relatively, too far.

A group of Iranian youth arranged an Ancient Iranian festival called Ab-bazi wherein people celebrate the sanctity of water by splashing it at each other. The festival was contacted through Facebook, and many, male and female, showed up in a park near the outskirts of Karaj, Alborz to have fun playing with water.

The Police force of Islamic Republic showed up, and although they let the festival go through, at the end, they arrested fifty people for 'offending norm of the Islamic society'.

This also happened last years, and the arrests were much more brutal. Nevertheless, Iranian youth resist the tyranny of Islamic doctrine and are not afraid of two hours of detainment.

However the punishment is, the act of arresting people for splashing water at each other is disgusting and incompatible for the flow of any culture. What's worse, is that the actions of this undesirable regime is attributed to people who are fighting it, specially by Western people who view Iranian people in the same kin as their government and discriminate them based on their false dichotom  Source..

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