Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Norway mass-killer Anders Breivik applies to study political science at Oslo University...

Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik has applied to study politics at the University of Oslo, triggering fevered debate among university staff, who look likely to be forced to accept him.

During his trial last year, friends of the far-Right extremist pointed to his decision to drop out of high school before graduating, despite higher than average grades, as a key turning point in his pathway to extremism.

Knut Bjarkeid, the director at Ila Prison, where Breivik is serving a 21-year sentence, said he would encourage such a move.

"The prison will always try to pave the way for inmates to get a formal education, so that they are able to get a job when they come out," he told Norway's TV 2 channel.

 However, several members of teaching staff at the department of Political Science, who wished to remain anonymous, told the channel that they would refuse to teach the far-Right extremist. Full story...

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