Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A nuclear arsenal but trouble turning on the lights? Pakistan struggles with power crisis...

Even though Pakistan is the planet’s sixth most populous country and has the world’s seventh largest military and its fourth largest nuclear arsenal, most of the country can’t reliably watch the evening news, read at bedtime or talk on their cell phones.

These limitations have got little to do with the freedom of speech or expression.

There is literally a power crisis in Pakistan. For the 34 years that this reporter has been living in Pakistan, not a week has gone by without a reported, or experienced, power outage throughout the country. Every day, millions of Pakistanis across the country have little electricity, summer or winter.

Mannan Afridi said he fled war in the country’s tribal regions only to fight daily battles in Pakistan’s largest city of Karachi.

"I get home around midnight, and eat cold food, in the dark,” the taxi driver said. “I fight the mosquitoes till around 3 a.m., and finally get some sleep.”

“I escaped war when I came to Karachi, but now fight a war every night with the heat and darkness because of this power crisis. Our generals should fight this conflict," he added. Full story...

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