Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mumbai bans lingerie-clad mannequins to save men from 'impure thoughts'

Mumbai, home of India's increasingly raunchy Bollywood film industry, is to ban mannequins modeling lingerie from its shop windows to stop the city's men having "impure thoughts".

Representatives on the city's local authority have voted to ban the models in a move they believe may reduce the number of rapes and sexual assaults.

Local councillors, known as corporators, said mannequins dressed in lacey underwear, stockings and suspenders, had led to a "pollution of minds" among men in the city, which has India's second highest number of rapes after Delhi.

 Opponents said the mannequins were not as suggestive as erotic sculptures and carvings at celebrated temples like Khajuraho, which feature scenes of group sex and bestiality. Full story...

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