Sunday, April 28, 2013

Woman in Zimbabwe thoroughly bashed by hubby over baboon urine!!!

A Bulawayo woman was severely beaten by her husband after suspected baboon urine was discovered under their mattress.

The woman, Dorothy Mukwati, is nursing a blue eye after Elvis Nkomo beat the lights out of her for trying to 'domesticate' him using baboon urine. The incident reportedly happened last Saturday.

Mukwati posted on Makhox Women's League Facebook page after being beaten up.

"Ladies, I took the advice about baboon urine but I am sad to tell you that it backfired. I bought the urine at Egodini (bus terminus) and hid it under the mattress but my husband discovered it while he was looking for his papers. As I am writing, I am nursing a swollen face," read the message she allegedly wrote.

Mukwati has however, deactivated her Facebook account but women on the page sympathised with her. When reached for comment, the woman could not divulge more information.

"I was beaten up. That is the long and short of it," she said before hanging up the phone. Full story...

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