Thursday, April 18, 2013

Technology turning the French on to virtual sex...

Sixteen percent of young French people admit to having had virtual sex and one in ten say they have made a sex tape. These are just two of the more eyebrow-raising results of a survey into how technology is changing the habits of the French.

Whether it’s smartphones, computers or webcams, new technology seems to be having a profound affect on the sexual behaviour of French people, especially the younger generation, according to a new survey titled "Sex 2.0", released on Wednesday.

In one of the more stand out figures from the Ifop poll, one in ten young French people under the age of 25 admit to having made a sex tape with their partner and 40 percent say they are tempted by the idea.

 Another result of the survey suggests French people are making the most of their computers and laptops with 16 percent of young people saying they have enjoyed virtual sex with people via webcams compared to just 9 percent four years ago. Full story...

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