Monday, April 15, 2013

Spain’s illegal sex trade worth '€5 million a day'

The illegal sex trade in Spain generates a staggering €5 million a day, Spanish police have revealed as authorities launch a new ad campaign to try to crack down on the exploitation and trafficking of women.

It may not be as lucrative as the drug trade or arms trafficking, but Spain’s illegal sex industry is worth an unhealthy amount of money with police revealing it generates around €5 million a day.

Because of the “magnitude and severity of the problem", authorities are to undertake a campaign aimed at raising the awareness of illegal trafficking of women for the sex trade which is estimated to leave 12,000 victims each year in Spain.

In early March The Local reported how Spanish police had broken up a prostitution ring that operated six large brothels staffed with about 400 women and chalked up more than a million euros a year in earnings.

 Spanish authorities froze assets belonging to the suspects, including 57 homes, 56 cars and a boat, worth over €14 million. Full story..

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