Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Priests watch pirated movies while at the Vatican they download filth!!!

While Thou Shalt Not Steal is one of the best known ten commandments, there is no directive ordering Thou Shalt Not Copy. This glaring loophole in God’s law, which runs contrary to established entertainment industry doctrine, apparently allows priests to watch pirated Oscar review copies of major movies without concern. Meanwhile, over in the Vatican, pirates are having the time of their lives downloading some quite eye-watering media.

Paul Flynn, the owner of a DVD rental store in Limerick, Ireland, has a rather interesting customer.

For the last five or six years a local priest has been calling in to rent movies. Paul describes the priest as “a lovely man who loves his old films” but there’s more to this man of the cloth than first meets the eye.

“Back in January, he mentioned he had watched Lincoln the night before,” Paul explained. “So I asked had they shown it early in the cinema or something and he said: ‘No, we have a film club once a week and we watched it up at the monastery’.” Full story...

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