Thursday, April 18, 2013

California woman cuts off husband's penis "to stop him hurting her with it".

A California court has heard a woman chopped off her husband's penis to stop him getting a divorce - and hurting her with his over-active member.

The Santa Ana court heard that Catherine Kieu Becker spiked her 60-year-old husband's soup with drugs before tying him to the bed, removing his clothes and cutting off his "manhood" at their suburban Los Angeles home.

The defendant, 50, then allegedly took the severed penis and threw it in the waste disposal unit at her house in Garden Grove, south-east of LA.

Garden Grove Police Lt. Jeff Nightengale said the woman removed her husband's penis with a 10-inch knife, adding that he was conscious when the blow was delivered.

"He was conscious when his penis was removed," Nightengale added. Full story...

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