Sunday, March 31, 2013

Moscow to spend $4 million on ensuring good weather on holidays!!!

Authorities in Moscow have revealed they will spend almost $4 million to ensure city residents can enjoy two rain-free national holidays in the coming months.

A notice posted on Thursday on Russia's state tender website calls on companies to apply for the job to provide “meteorological protection for the city.”

The technique of cloud dispersal, or cloud seeding, dates back to the Soviet era. The substances used can include silver iodide, dry ice and cement powder.

Whichever company gets the job can expect payment of around 121 million rubles ($3.9 million).

The holidays that the Moscow administration wants to provide good weather for are Victory Day, on May 9, and Russia Day, on June 12, which are typically celebrated with mass outdoor gathering and parades.

While Muscovites may benefit from the cloud seeding, residents in areas around the city have reported that practice often pushes any prospective poor weather over them. Source...

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