Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cheating man's penis disappears after bonking a married woman!!!

A Zimbabwean man lives to everyday cursing the day he could not control his libido and decided to romp a woman married to a Malawian husband who had put a ‘central-locking system’ on his wife’s ‘privates’ and now his ‘manhood’ keep disappearing each time he wants to make love to his wife at home.

Phibion Mutize from an area near Mahabha plots, just outside Nkulumane, Bulawayo has been living with his ‘condition’ after bonking a woman -whose husband is said to be Malawian – for the past four months.

“Each time I tried to go near my wife to make love, my penis vanishes. I no longer don’t know what to do. My wife has left me and I have become a big fool to everybody in the neighbourhood. I have so far tried all I could no avail,” complained the bewitched man as quoted by

The situation has become so bad that his wife has forced him out of their home.

“I am almost a destitute now. I haven’t had a decent bath for the past two months. My wife doesn’t want to see me at home because she consulted a trusted witch doctor in town with the intention of helping me only to be told that I slept with a ‘fenced’ woman and that her husband, who is Malawian used serious charms to lock her up…” Full story...

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