Monday, January 21, 2013

Concern as brutal rape of minors soars in Zimbabwe...

THE flow of urine down her legs and soiled pants have become a ‘normal’ part of life for seven-year-old Mitchell since the brutal rape last year by a 45-year old man entrusted to protect her. Mitchell is now incontinent (she has little or no voluntary control over urination or defecation) after the rape left her with a ruptured anus and genitalia which affects the way she excretes.

The pain accompanied by acute embarrassment is unbearable, as people stare at her wondering why a seven-year-old continues to soil her pants.

She often sheds the tears of a helpless young girl desperate for help, who feels a stranger among her peers due to matters she has no control over.


While she might eventually recover, her innocence violently stolen from her will never be restored.

This is just one case of child sexual abuse that is on the increase in Zimbabwe, and fears are high that it could get worse as the country heads for a referendum and elections this year.

Rape, murder, emotional, verbal, psychological and economic abuse, intimidation and harassment have largely become synonymous with Zimbabwean elections and women and children in most cases are the victims. Full story...

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