Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Indian village bans use of cellphones by girls! WTF!!!

In a khap-like diktat in Bihar otherwise not known for khap panchayats, a meeting of villagers of Sunderbari panchayat in Kishanganj district have ordered complete ban on the use of cellphones by unmarried girls and restricted use of the same by married women only within the four walls of their home.

The meeting held at Sunderbari's Tupamari village on Sunday also formed a 'social consultative committee' and mandated it to implement the ban and impose a fine of Rs 10,000 for its violation by unmarried girls and Rs 2,000 on married women who venture out of their homes with cellphones and receive and make calls.

The committee, headed by one Manwar Alam, has one Dr Shadir Amam as its treasurer to act as the custodian of the money collected as fine from erring women.

 While Kishanganj DM Sandeep Kumar R Pudakalkatti told TOI he had ordered a probe into the "unlawful diktat", Alam defended the move as the use of cellphones by women "hugely erodes the moral fabric of the society". Full story...

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