Monday, September 03, 2012

Indian woman battles for 24 years ... to prove she is alive!!!

This is the story of an Indian woman who married at the age of 12, became a mother at 19, was deserted by her husband at 23 and was declared dead at the age of 40.

Asharfi Devi, now 64, fought a 24-year-long battle to prove that she was alive and her efforts paid off finally in May 2012 when a village council court ruled that she was indeed alive.

Asharfi Devi's parents married her to a local farmer, Ram Janam Singh, of Barun village in Rohtas district of the northern state of Bihar in 1960.

In rural India, weddings are almost never registered and Asharfi Devi doesn't have any documents to prove her marriage, but she vaguely recalls that she was around 12 when she married. Full story...

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