Thursday, August 16, 2012

UN probe demanded after Tamil deaths in Sri Lanka prison...

Human rights activists in Sri Lanka say the government must seek UN help in investigating serious violence in jails which has resulted in the deaths of two Tamil prisoners.

The second inmate died last week after more than a month in a coma. Activists blame the deaths on the government.

But officials deny responsibility.

The violence in late June started when about 30 prisoners suspected of links with Tamil Tiger rebels took three guards hostage.

The ensuing siege lasted for 19 hours before it was broken.

Civil rights activists say the inmates were then assaulted by prison authorities both before and after their transfers to other jails.

One prisoner, Ganesan Nimalaruban, died a few days later while another, Mariadas Dilrukshan, succumbed to his injuries after several weeks in a coma. Full story...

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