Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sinister Nigerian scam: young woman lured to Lagos and murdered by Facebook "friends..."


We learnt that the deceased before her death, had been chatting with some new friends on Facebook for a few months, not knowing that her newfound friends had other plans on their minds beyond mere friendship. On realising that she was a frequent visitor to Lagos, her new friends, described as two young men, were said to have promised to host her on her next trip.

They were said to have paid for her flight ticket as well as her hotel fee and based on the level of trust she had developed for them, she went along with the plan without knowing that they had sinister motives.

After picking her from the airport, they drove her to a hotel in FESTAC Town where she was lodged. As part of their sinister plot, they had recruited a member of staff of the hotel and a pharmacist who produced a toxic substance used to drug her.

The deceased was tied up and eventually robbed of all the money she brought to shop for her business and then strangled to death. Her assailants dispossessed her of her phone, her identity card and other things that could be used to identify her.

Her details in the hotel were scanty, apparently to throw off the police and hotel management, as they would think she was a call girl who died in service. Full story...

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