Sunday, August 12, 2012

Goblin in Zimbabwe burnt to death for stealing women's panties!!!


It also emerged during the cleansing ceremony that the mysterious goblin had been tormenting women in the villages since 2004. The ceremony was characterised by drama and chilly witchcraft stories as villagers took turns to stand before the n'anga and the prophet.

Mr Ncube, who became the 25th villager to appear before the tsikamutanda and the prophet, then confessed that he owned the "menacing" goblin, which he claimed to have acquired long ago to enhance his luck.

Mr Ncube told the puzzled crowd that the goblin had, however, turned "hostile and weird" to a point of going around sleeping with women. A police officer who had been invited to the occasion to maintain order at one time moved in to restore order after some villagers whose wives fell victim to the goblin's "sex" escapades threatened to beat up Mr Ncube.

The n'anga, who was accompanied by six aides, was forced with his team to temporarily stop the witch hunting ceremony as they accompanied Mr Ncube to his homestead to "capture" the goblin which shared a bedroom with one of Mr Ncube's sons.

There was more drama as the villagers jostled to have a glimpse of the decorated goblin after the tsikamutanda brought it before the crowd. The goblin, which looked like a living creature, was wearing a pair of blue female panties, which village head Charisekera's wife, Ms Silvia Marumbe, claimed to be hers. Full story...

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