Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mangalore police furious with reporter who filmed Hindu extremists beating up partying girls, threaten to "teach him a lesson"

Local TV reporter Naveen Soorinje, who caught on tape the hooliganism at Mangalore's Morning Mist resort on Saturday, is keen on delivering justice to the accused Hindu Jagarana Vedike activists, despite the risk of facing a lockdown in jail.

Soorinje, who is currently facing charges for his alleged unethical reporting, told IBTimes that he won't move the court for anticipatory bail or seek ways to clear the charges against him, saying that he would rather endure difficulties to see that the concerned offenders would be taken into the hands of law.

"It doesn't matter to me that there are complaints filed against me and an FIR has been lodged. I will be happy if the attackers are punished because of the FIR lodged against me. If I am to be freed of these charges because of some pressure and if that is going to benefit the attackers in any way, then I do not need such freedom," Soorinje said.


In one of his statements on the incident, Soorinje alleged that City Police Commissioner Seemanth Kumar, who was upset over the media coverage of the incident, warned to teach him a lesson.

"Why should Naveen have reported the incident? I will teach him a lesson," Soorinje cited Seemanth Kumar as saying this to friend and colleague Rajesh Rao, a reporter of TV9.

Soorinje said that Commissioner continued his tirade on the phone saying: "He (Soorijine) not only compared this incident to the Assam incident, but also said that Mangalore is being Talibanized. This time he will be taught a lesson. We will fix him in this case and none of his contacts at any level will be of any help." Full story...

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