Monday, July 09, 2012

Indian schoolgirl made to drink urine for bedwetting...

A four member fact-finding committee has been constituted to look into the allegation that a class five student of Visva-Bharati's Patha Bhavan school was forced to drink her urine as a punishment for bedwetting, a university official said Sunday.

"We have received a complaint that a class 5 residential student of the Patha Bhavan was allegedly made to drink her urine as a punishment. A four member fact finding committee headed by former dean of students welfare, Aruna Mukherjee has been set up to look into the matter and submit its report to the vice chancellor of the university," a university spokesman told IANS.

 The incident happened Saturday evening when the warden of Karabi hostel, Uma Poddar, while on an inspection found Punita guilty of bedwetting. She allegedly then made the girl drink her urine as a punishment. Full story...

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