Sunday, June 17, 2012

Man in India sends 'bribe' by demand draft!!!

Vexed over the delay in getting a birth certificate, a man in Virudhunagar hit upon a bizarre idea of sending a demand draft for Rs. 100 towards bribe to the local body,
stunning the authorities who made amends for the lapse and home delivered the document.

Rattled on receiving the DD and the accompanying note which mentioned it as bribe amount, Municipality Commissioner Sermakani swung into action, reprimanded concerned officials and asked them to deliver the birth certificate at the home of the applicant, an auditor.

An official inquiry had been ordered into the incident by Municipal Administration department, officials said.

Palanisamy, a resident of the town, took the step inspired by a banner put up in Virudhunagar by the local Congress unit mentioning the "bribe" amount required to be paid for getting things done in the municipality as part of its campaign against alleged corruption in the local body. Full story...

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