Thursday, May 17, 2012

Paris strippers refuse to take off clothes; want more pay...

STRIPPERS at one of the leading cabaret clubs in Paris went on strike on Tuesday for the first time in history, refusing to take off their clothes in protest at what they see as poor pay for their craft.

Le Parisien reports that the industrial action continued last night at Le Crazy Horse on Avenue Georges V, as the women fight for better wages. "For years we have been asking for more pay and recognition of the skill involved in our live performances," dancer Suzanne Durand said. "What we are currently paid does not take into account our hard work - or our nakedness."

The strippers are now in negotiation with the club's owners, and have pledged to stay clothed during performances until the management meet their demands. Even an experienced top dancer at the world famous club, working six days a week, earns a maximum of €2,000 a month. "This is the lowest salary of any cabaret dancer in Paris," Durand claims. Full story...

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