Friday, February 24, 2012

Ad for "hot" nurse in Sweden titillates controversy...

The Swedish hospital that advertised for “hot” nurses has been forced to apologize after an international media frenzy and an official discrimination complaint from a 64-year-old man who claimed he was rejected because he was “too wrinkly” and has a "slight limp".

The original advert called for “TV-series hot” nurses and “Söder hipsters” to fill in the summer vacancies for nurses at the Stockholm South General hospital (Södersjukhuset) in Stockholm.

These “pre-requisites”, which head nurse Jörgen Andersson told The Local were only written to “catch people’s attention”, ended up making headlines in the international press and titillated the imagination of readers from around the world.

 Now, a 64-year-old male nurse has reported the hospital to the Ombudsman for Justice (JO) after claiming the advert was discriminatory. Full story...

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