Saturday, January 28, 2012

Syria: claims of 'racial cleansing' as 14 family members are massacred...

Even by the numbing standards of Syria's uprising, the most brutal of the Arab Spring, the images are harrowing.

Their faces battered and bloodied, the four children are laid out on a bed. The camera hovers first over the corpse of a male toddler in a turquoise sleep suit and blue and pink socks. He is not yet of walking age; his legs are still bowed.

A bib around his neck is splattered in blood and he is lying on the upstretched hand of his older sister, whose face is stained crimson. Beneath them on the sheet are the bodies of two more young children, a boy and a girl, both bearing horrific injuries.

 The bloodshed does not stop there. On the floor just to the left of the bed is a veiled woman, perhaps the children's mother. Full story...

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