Saturday, December 31, 2011

TSA worker caught downloading child porn...

Yet another TSA screener has been exposed as a pervert after police raided the Maryland home of 41-year-old TSA screener Scott Wilson and discovered videos and photos of child pornography contained on over two dozen different storage devices.

“A “forensic preview” of Wilson’s two computers (as well as various storage devices found in a locked safe) revealed a variety of videos and photos “depicting prepubescent females engaged in sexually explicit conduct with adults,” reports The Smoking Gun.

Wilson, who was responsible for screening cargo on commercial flights, has been freed on $250,000 bail after DHS officials found obscene images and videos on 31 separate storage devices. It is not known whether his TSA role included conducting pat downs of children, which the TSA asserts it has discontinued for under-12′s yet are still occurring on a regular basis. Full story...

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