Sunday, October 02, 2011

Five teachers arrested in Ghana for praying too loudly!!!

The Abura Dunkwa Magistrate Court has remanded five teachers for disturbing residents of Ayeredo in the Abora Asebu Kwaman district with their prayers.

District Police Commander of Abora Dunkwa, DSP Twum Barimah confirmed the story to Adom News but explained that the teachers were not charged with praying but charged with disturbing public peace with the noise the make while praying.

The teachers were alleged to be praying in the school to nullify the operations of witches and wizards in the town but the school authority says their activities has been destructive.

DSP Twum Barimah says their actions caused the school authorities and some residents of the area to call him constantly complaining about their loud prayers late at night. Full story...

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