Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Syrian Defense minister murdered?

Syrian Defense Minister Gen. Ali Habib, who was sacked by President Bashar al-Assad from his post yesterday Monday, was found dead at his home. The Syrian television stated that the death of Gen. Habib was “of natural causes” and revealed that the minister was sick and his health had recently deteriorated.

On Monday August 8 2011, President Al-Assad issued a decree appointing Gen. Dawood Rajha as the new defense minister. In the evening of the Monday 8 2011, Gen. Habib was found dead in his house. The murder “decree” was probably issued in secret by President Basshar Al-Asssad and implemented by his thugs Asef Shawkat and Maher Al-Assad.

General Habib was a staunch opponent of the military campaign in the city of Hama. His opposition led to the postponement of the invasion of Hama by the army more than once. The General had another point of view different from that of President Al-Assad on how to manage and deal with the crisis of Syria. He was against wasting the resources, strength and morale of the army by entering the Syrian cities and “fighting” against civilians and old people, often relatives of friends of the soldiers. More...

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