Thursday, August 18, 2011

Selective rage and hypocrisy in India's corruption protestors..

The best thing about Indian politicians is that they make you feel you are a better person. Not surprisingly, Indians often derive their moral confidence not through the discomfort of examining their own actions, but from regarding themselves as decent folks looted by corrupt, villainous politicians.

This is at the heart of a self-righteous middle-class uprising against political corruption, a television news drama that reached its inevitable climax in Delhi on Tuesday when the rural social reformer Anna Hazare was about to set out for his death fast — the second one he has attempted this year to press his demand for a powerful anti-corruption agency.

He was arrested by the police, ostensibly in the interest of law and order.


When Mr. Hazare went on a hunger strike in April to protest against political corruption, the film stars of Mumbai added much glamour to his cause by coming out in unambiguous support. Two months later, when a yoga instructor called Baba Ramdev went on a fast demanding that the government investigate “black money” hidden in foreign accounts, the film stars went silent. For good reason. Full story...

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1 comment:

  1. To all the people of India who are annoyed by Anna's struggle against corruption :-

    Dear fellow country-men/women,

    Anna and his supporters had to take this stern step, not because they wanted to annoy people. But because the Govt and its politicians were adamant in their stand i.e. not to bring an useful & effective bill so that corruption would end. But instead till now Govt has tried deceptive tricks to ward off Team Anna, & also shamelessly introduced a pro-corruption & anti-whistleblower bill. In the beginning Team Anna was trying to cordially talk to the politicians to bring an effective bill. But the Govt deceived & showed adamancy, & all signs of nurturing & legitimizing corruption. So Anna had to take to Satyagraha. I would like to ask humbly the people who are criticizing this movement that; have you anybody, ever, in your life, critcised CORRUPTION as passionately as you are criticizing Anna now. I haven’t heard of anyone since the last fifty years who has so sincerely felt & taken initiative about corruption as Team-Anna. And now you people want to stop Anna.
    Anna does not have a family, no wife, no son, no daughter. He is doing this for us Indians and you also, [and the corrupt also, because "corruption does not pay" anybody. Ultimately the corrupt would also suffer, for lack of good governance due to corruption.]
    Before thinking of stopping Anna please stop corruption. Anna will vanish immediately. Anna is the effect of Corruption. Don't try to stop the effect, but stop the cause. Anna is not one person. 'Anna' is the 'face' of the DISGUST of the humble common man against greed of the mighty. And if you try your dirty tricks to stop it, a volcano will erupt. And the nation will be burnt to ashes. Neither the corrupt will remain nor the anti-corrupt. Better mend your ways before it is too late. You have kindled the volcano by your greed. You yourselves have to cool it. By showing to it that you will tame your greed. If you do not cool the volcano, the future is not in the hands of anybody.
    I labled your 'trying' to stop Anna, as 'dirty tricks'. Because, THEY ARE DIRTY. Because they are not directed towards the root cause. The root cause is the greed in every politician and his/her follower, Bureaucrat, Corporates. Your tricks are not directed towards stopping that greed, but are directed towards stopping Anna or pacifying Anna. SHAME ON YOU. That's why you too are called 'corrupt' and 'anti-national' and 'anti-social'. Because you are such. Because you are not pained by greed, much. You are not pained by corruption, much. You are not pained by throat cutting tactics of filthy politicians, much. But you are pained by Anna, more. Because your souls are corrupt. I repeat again, have you ever in your life criticized CORRUPTION so passionately as Team Anna. No. That is why we call you corrupt. YOU ARE CORRUPT. CORRUPT TO THE CORE. If you want Anna to stop. Criticize Sonia Gandhi, Advani, Mayavati, the filth eating bureaucrats, for abetting or not stopping corruption. Ask them to stop Corruption. Ask them what steps they have taken ever. If they stop it, All Annas will stop. Or else Annas will be there as long as Corruption is there. And the volcano will erupt one day. You won't be there, I won't be there, and the filthy will not be there. Good luck.