Thursday, July 14, 2011

Man in Tamil Nadu, India beaten to death as crowd watches...(Graphic)

A brawl outside a TASMAC shop in Saibaba Colony in the city has turned four friends into murderers. The victim N. Santhoshkumar (29), a painter was brought to the TASMAC shop by two of his friends and a drunken brawl broke out when they were about to leave.

Even as they emerged from the TASMAC shop, the two who were already drunk called their friends over phone and two others, who came on a motorcycle, joined them in assaulting the painter N. Santhoshkumar. The four took turns in dropping a stone on the head of the victim. They were under the influence of alcohol. The victim is survived by his wife and a toddler.

 M. Krishnan (28) of Rathinapuri, R. Murugan (21) of Madurai, M. Ramachandran (26) of Kannappapuram and P. Ganesan (31) have become the accused in a case of murder, which was originally registered as an attempt to murder. More...

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