Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kenya's elderly being accused of being "witches..."

All Ponda Changa wanted was to enjoy his retirement in peace.

After a lifetime of work, he had built a modest four-bedroom home, complete with solar power and a television set, in his native Kibaoni village in Kenya's Kilifi District. With an income derived from a herd of cattle and a grove of coconut trees on six acres of land, Mzee Changa had few worries in his life.

Until one of his sons accused him of witchcraft.

Now in a refuge in Ganze District farfrom his village, Changa states that "My son has attempted to kill me several times. He once beat me seriously outside a chief’s office in Takaungu on claims that I bewitched his sister. I decided to flee to save my life". He also states that his son has used to witchcraft accusation as an excuse to seize his property which he plans to sell. His son has also seized his National Identity Card and his life savings of 50,000 Kenyan shillings (about US $600). Although he reported the threats to the local police, they have been of little assistance and he claims that the officers demanded bribes which he did not have. More...

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