Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Australia chef kills ex-wife for calling him 'eunuch'

An Australian chef killed his former wife after she allegedly called him a "eunuch" and "sexually incompetent", a media report said Tuesday.

Jiagen Pan told a Brisbane Supreme Court jury that he became furious and "felt like a volcano" when he strangled Linjin Cui, 32, at her home west of Brisbane in August 2009.

"I was really angry about it, I felt like all my blood went into my brain," the Brisbane Times quoted him as saying. "She kept on saying I'm useless, I'm sexually incompetent."

Pan, 45, who was divorced from Cui in March 2009, is on trial for murdering Cui at her home in Springfield Lakes. He has pleaded not guilty to murder, claiming he killed her but he was provoked, the report said. More...

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