Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Singapore style maths education for British students?

Maths teaching in schools should be overhauled, with the introduction of Asian-style daily teaching and a focus on fundamentals, the Education Secretary has suggested.

Michael Gove has signalled a return to academic rigour in the maths curriculum amid concerns that the UK is lagging behind other countries.

He suggested daily maths lessons and regular tests are to be adopted, inspired by the system in Singapore, with the possible return of ‘numeracy hour’ – a Labour initiative scrapped two years ago.


The proposals come amid concerns that half the adult population lacks ‘basic maths skills’.

English schools are slipping down international league tables in the subject while countries such as Singapore, Japan, China and Korea steam ahead. At the age of 15, pupils in China are around two academic years ahead of British counterparts in the subject. Full story...

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