Monday, May 02, 2011

Parents shocked: quiet teacher is a racy erotic author!!!

A group of high school parents have complained to their local education board after discovering a quiet English teacher writes racy, erotic novels when she's not working with their children.

'Mild mannered': Judy Mays, otherwise known as English teacher Judy Buranich

They are asking that the board investigates the matter and presents Judy Buranich with a choice: either quit teaching or quit writing the books.

Mrs Buranich has taught at the Midd West High School in Middleburg, Pennsylvania, for nearly 25 years.
But recently parents and students found out that outside of class she is Judy Mays, author of titles such as A Breath of Heat, Undercover Heat, and Rednecks 'N' Romance.

The books, which feature aliens, vampires and werewolves, are freely available at web sites such as and at book chain stores such as Waldenbooks.

But for the parents, the racy novels are just a little too racy. More...

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