Thursday, May 05, 2011

Dubai woman sues ex-husband for $12.25 million for depriving her of sex!!!

An Emirati man is being sued for Dh45 million in compensation for failing to sexually perform. The defendant's ex-wife, told the court that she suffered from her husband's erectile dysfunction while they were married.

In her civil compensation claim, the ex-wife alleged that the accused suffered from sexual impotency that resulted in failing to fulfil her needs and forced her to have what she termed as "inhumane sex". The case is being heard before the Dubai Courts.

Court records showed that the woman is seeking Dh45 million to be paid by her ex-husband in compensation for the damages he caused to her. The woman claimed that she married the accused in 2008 and separated some 15 months later.

She said her husband did not sleep with her in the first four months of their marriage. "When he did for the first time, he treated me inhumanly and inappropriately," she told the court. More...

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