Sunday, April 17, 2011

To get promoted, he offers his wife to his bosses!!!

Kuwaiti police are investigating claims by an Arab woman that her husband wanted to offer her to his bosses in order to get a promotion.

According to the complaint, the Arab woman was brought into Kuwait two months ago by her husband on a visit visa.

He then introduced her to his bosses and offered that she have sex with them in the couple's home in order to win their favours and get a promotion, Kuwaiti daily 'Al Watan' reported.

According to the report, the shocked woman ran away from their home and sought help from her country's embassy in Kuwait City.

An embassy staff went with the wife to a police station where she filed a complaint.

The police are now looking for the husband to check the claims and take legal action, the daily said. It did not mention his nationality or age. Source...

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