Sunday, April 24, 2011

Syria should be investigated for human rights violations...

An international human rights group called today for a UN inquiry into Syria's crackdown on opposition protesters that has left more than 120 dead people in recent days. 

The New York-based Human Rights Watch also urged the United States and European Union to impose sanctions against Syrian officials accused of using force against demonstrators challenging the authoritarian rule of President Bashar Assad.

More than 300 people have been killed - including more than 120 on Friday and Saturday - since the uprising against Mr Assad's regime began five weeks ago, according to rights groups. Friday was the deadliest day since the uprising began with 112 killed, rights groups said.

A coalition of 10 Syrian human rights groups said that authorities have detained a leading activist, Daniel Saoud, who heads the Committees for the Defence of Democracy, Freedoms and Human Rights, one of the most prominent watchdog groups in Syria. More...

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  1. These killings are commonly held in Syria what is doing The U.N.? these killings must be stopped and the the Syrian government must apologize for these killings and leave their posts immediately otherwise the U.N. send their coalition forces to the Syria and take necessary action against that cruel government.

  2. War is sad and very alarming because innocent people die. People now don’t realize how precious life is. Preserve and proctect, these are our duty as people not to kill one another.

  3. This is a disgusting outrageous human disaster...peaceful protesters fired upon with live ammunition!?!?! Assad must go and the will of the people to institute the reforms they need for the welfare of their fellow beings should be heeded. How could anything that Assad says authenticate his position? Truly, he is just another dictator on a growing list of human rights abuses and crimes against humanity.

  4. European Union take this decision a little bit latter but took right decision Syrian forces killing day by day so many people now we have to stop these killings immediately and arrest those leaders who are against the Syrian people and killing them with their forces i don't know the Syrian leaders what they are doing will they win the war which they have been continuing with their people? no they never with the war which against their people.